My coccyx agony

Joanne, Australia

Original posting, 2005-03-06:

I HAVE BEEN FINE FOR 5 YEARS BUT NOW I AM IN PAIN! I am consumed by pain, it is as if it has taken over my entire being. I am in so much pain and codeine isn't working!

Here's the story. I was assaulted 7 years ago causing my coccyx to be fractured and dislocated. After two years of seeing every practitioner available I traveled from Australia to Bali to see some supposedly amazing dood who I hoped would magically heal me, but to no avail. I left that country feeling worse than when I arrived. I then saw a healer who gave me an internal manipulation.... Worse worse worse!!

Eventually I underwent a series of osteopathic treatments which involved cracking my back, pulling my legs to crack my hips, etc, and was put on a stretching and would you believe running program, where I ran around an oval every day in combination with touching my toes stretches. Somehow this appeared to have worked because I improved to the point where the pain was totally manageable and only existed if I sat on the wrong chair etc. I soon learned that bike riding, the movies, sitting on a boat, and other bench seat, soft lounge activities were impossible without agony. This manageability was great because the orthopedic surgeon told me that in order to have no pain I would have to have it removed and would not be able to carry a baby and give birth unless I went ahead with the procedure, which I did not do and I fell pregnant and carried the child fine.

I HAVE BEEN FINE FOR 5 YEARS.. THAT'S FIVE YEARS. So, what the hell has happened? Two children, my coccyx didn't even rate a mention at either of their births. Nothing's changed except that a week ago I sat down for a bit too long and have been in the worst agony ever since. My injury has flared up as if it is fresh and it has just happened!! Jeans hurt, undies hurt, cutting a loaf of bread hurts!!! Kwan Loong oil helps as it burns the crap out of me and takes my mind off it. Lying down hurts!

I got an old lounge and took the bottom cushion and cut out a bum seat like a neck cushion but larger. Speaking of larger, I'm 58 kilos, but I feel sooooo heavy. The cushion is how I am writing this cause my butt is sort of suspended. My hips and whole back is aching. The Doc says no more surfing, no running, no stretching, no walking!! He says that the ligaments and tendons and muscles and nerves are damaged and that stretching will only aggravate it, so I don't know what to do. I cant get comfortable. I LIVE TO SURF! I LOVE EXERCISE I AM ADDICTED TO IT! I have to look after my 1 year old and my 4 year old and the doc says don't lift anything?? HA!!

Do you know of any vitamins or herbs that can help me? I need a speedy recovery! Please email me for any reason. I would love to personally listen to anyone, help and be helped. I feel so alone except now that I have found this website. Thank you, Jon. I know I am not the only one, and I wish for a pain free happy healed life for each and every one of you beautiful people. This pain is evil!

Update, 2005-03-27:

My coccyx is so much better after taking glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. I am no longer on the pain killers or anti inflammatory. I combined this with a lot of praying and believing and fighting off the negative ideas that I was ruined for life. I did a lot of talking to myself!

I went to the foam/rubber factory and had a cushion made up, sort of oblong with a half circle cut out so my butt suspends over the back, a great help to me although when the pain was on nothing helped! I avoid hard chairs in cafeterias and other places and I just don't do what I know is going to hurt. I have to be careful. As for surfing I haven't done that yet. I am just going to wait till the warm weather again next season but those tablets are fantastic. They are available from the heath food store.

Update, 2006-04-02:

I have been in agony again for the last month. Have had a CT scan and am waiting on results. Taking Movalis which is an anti-inflammatory for osteo arthritis, Panadene forte which I hate the feeling of, Glucosamine, fish oil and vitamins.

The doctor says that there are two alternatives, have the third segment of my coccyx wired to the second ( third segment sits dislocated up next to second not under it) or have pain relief injection which lasts 6 months. I will read experiences and see what I can learn from others who have had this.

The chiro thinks that my sacrum is twisted and that is causing the problem with coccyx, me I'm confused and down. I have pains shooting down the back of my right leg thigh etc, no intimacy with my husband and cant pick up my two year old is making me sad. The kids cant climb on me at all really I feel so delicate and abnormal.

The coccyx pain is very bad but the pains down my leg are causing me to walk strangely too. Obviously sitting and the other painstaking activities are to be avoided.

I hope I can update later with a positive. In Australia there seems to be little known or cared about the coccyx but I have a new doctor who seems to care and is trying to help me.

Update, 2014-11-16:

I've had a good run for a few years, I think if you read my story and then the updates I mainly post on here when I am in acute pain. I don't really remember the last time I was in this much pain so I visited the site to see, it was along time ago. So I've had a good run to say the least. I cant remember how long it took me to get to a good place last time, I should have updated with time frame because its important to be able to gauge healing times but I will certainly do that this time. I think its different for everyone but its the question most people seem to ask, "how long will I be like this for?"

Being a victim with no compensation is hard but being a victim with woe in sight of self is harder. How will I move through it? I have to believe God exists and I have to believe that I will be again healed. I have to believe this is so I can help someone else, perhaps to empathize with someone who is thinking of ending it all as I have but to encourage them there is light at the end of the tunnel on this world and a purpose beyond the dark days of pain.

I am taking Anti Inflammatorys and Krill oil and also voltaren though I've been warned the latter is short term for the acute pain only. So what did I do this time? Well apart from thinking about the assault that happened to me I fenced a property and sat for 3 hours after. That's all I can think of that set it off. It was certainly overdoing it to say the least. I was very healthy but I think running on the hard road a couple of times also contributed since I'm 43 now.

Surgery is not an option for me as I have healed before and been fine with no surgery. I have been in this acute state of inflammation for 3 weeks now. The sciatic never pain is reduced now though from rest and no stretching. I saw an NET Chiropractor which actually caused more inflammation. I fear going again in a couple of days and will raise these concerns tomorrow before my appointment as any kind of pushing or stretching causes more inflammation but I do want to be healed.

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