No treatment has had any effect

Baber Rabbani -

My age is 29, and it's been 6 years that I am suffering from severe coccyx pain. My pain started suddenly one day without any fall or trauma. Though I had low back pain in those days, but suddenly pain started at the end of the coccyx.

For the last 6 years I am unable to sit properly and lie straight on a bed. On a coccyx cushion I cannot sit for more than 5 minutes before pain starts. I tolerate pain and can sit along with increased pain with the passage of time for 30 minutes. I cannot lie straight at all for even a minute. Further I cannot lie on my side if I am tilted to one side. Though I can lie on my side with proper alignment. I don't even have a hint of pain in walk , running or swimming.

I had following treatment till now:

  1. Anti-inflammatory medicines
  2. 3 shots of steroidal injections
  3. Acupuncture
  4. Homeopathic

With all these treatments I had 0% result.

All my x-rays, MRI and CT scan are clear. Only once a musculoskeletal ultrasound showed a hairline cartilage fracture 6 years ago. The test is even showing that its healed up now. But most of the doctors don't consider ultrasound as a reliable test for such problem. Further, my MRI and other tests never reported any such fracture. My tailbone area is extremely tender and very sensitive to touch. I even have to wear loose pants and underwear. Any slightest massage aggravates the problem.

So, my life is changed a lot after this problem and now its 6 years that I am managing with so much pain daily.

Does any one has any idea about solution to the problem, when I have tried all the treatments and none of them helped at all? Plus all the tests are clear and pain started without any reason. If anyone has any idea, please let me know.


Baber Rabbani

Peshawar, Pakistan

Updated 2005-02-13

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