Long and painful recovery after injured coccyx during childbirth

Renee - reneej7345@aol.com

Original posting, 2005-01-23:

I had a baby two years ago and injured my coccyx during childbirth. The recovery was long and painful. For the first four months, it was painful to sit and hold/rock my baby. I went to the doctor and was informed that there was not much they could do and that sitting on a doughnut pillow may help ease the pain. I did this for about 12 months and the pain slowly did improve. I would say that I am about 95% pain free now. I still have pain if I sit for long periods or on hard surfaces.

I am now 4 months pregnant with my second child and I am trying to decide whether to push my doctor into giving me a c-section. He thinks that I will be fine delivering vaginally. I am concerned that if this baby is the same size or larger that I may have the same long and painful recovery.

If anyone has been in a similar situation, I would appreciate any suggestions.


Update, 2005-10-02:

I decided to have a c-section with my second pregnancy because I was afraid to risk the long and painful tailbone recovery that I had with my first son. My c-section recovery was much easier than my first delivery and I had another healthy baby boy. I was able to hold, rock, and nurse my baby from just a few hours after delivery. The first few days were painful but the meds they gave me really helped. (and the pain didn't compare at all to the tailbone pain that I had previously experienced) I was able to get into comfortable sitting positions and nurse my baby (pain free) after the first day of recovery. This was not possible with my tailbone injury the first time.

Within two weeks I was feeling really great and was able to get back into a normal routine.

At first my doctor did not feel that it was necessary to have a c-section but ultimately he let me make that decision. If I ever decide to have a third, I will definitely have another c-section.

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