Thanks for the site helped me

Marie -

My name if Marie and I have been reading your web site for a long time.

I had a fall about eight years ago, and broke my tailbone in three places. It never healed properly. I suffered in pain for these years, going from doctor to doctor, having test after test and on every medication possible. The pain was so bad I could hardly stand it.

When I read your site and some of the stories I did not feel so alone in this. After reading your site and seeing doctors, I decided to find a doctor to remove the tailbone, even after I had had several doctors tell me under no condition to do this. After reading your site I knew I would be a good candidate for this surgery.

When the doctor opened me up, he found that the tailbone was moving all over the place, that they could not tell by other examinations. He decided to remove the total tail bone. I am now three weeks in recovery and doing better each day. I am still uncomfortable but nothing like I was for the past eight years. Myself and my husband were very scared about the surgery, because there are many things that can go wrong, but I kept my faith and it has turned out to be a blessing.

If I am making mistakes typing this please excuse me because I am doing this standing up. I cannot sit yet. Have people know not to give up, and keep looking for the doctor to help them. Now I have to try to find a doctor that can help me with my IC-bladder pain.

I also know that now I have more faith, and only have to deal with that, and not the constant pain that I had from the tailbone for the past eight years.

If not for my husband I don't think I would have made it this long, he is the most wonderful person in the world. Thanks again for your help and if anyone wants to know the doctor I used I would be glad to refer them to him. He is in Palm Harbor, Florida.

Thanks again for your site, it helped me make the choice I did and am much happier.


Updated 2005-02-20

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