Is anyone else filing under Workman's Comp?

Lisa Ann -

Posted 2005-10-02

Hello, my name is Lisa Ann and I am 32 years old. I live in Michigan. I fell about 3 years ago while playing with my dog in Colorado. I fell on my tailbone, elbow and wrist. At first the only things that hurt were my wrist and elbow. I moved to Michigan about 6 months later and started to realize that my tailbone was hurting. I went to my family doctor and he didn't do anything for it. I went back several months later and told him that the pain was getting worse and he probed around the tailbone internal, then sent me for a bone scan. The bone scan revealed nothing. The people that read the bone scan told me that if there was a fracture, it was healed up and they would not be able to tell if it was broken.

I went back to the family doctor and he referred me to a pain management doctor. I went to the pain management doctor and he gave me a cortizone, steroid injection into the tailbone. The pain did not go away for about another month, then all of sudden the pain was gone. This shot lasted about 10 months. Almost 10 months to the day that I had the shot I went in for my second shot. Again it did not take effect for about a month then one day it did and lasted again for 10 months.

During the 10 months after getting the shot, I was working at my job lifting very heavy bags over and over and I noticed that my tailbone was starting to hurt badly. I had never had this happen before considering that I had the shot and it was working so well. My right leg and arm were feeling numb. I continued working that morning through my shift and immediately went home and went straight to bed. I did not wake up till the next morning when it was time for me to get ready for work. I woke up and was really sore, in a lot of pain. It hurt to sit, stand, walk, lay down. I decided I would try and go to work.

The drive there, which takes an hour was the worst. I had to brace myself with my legs and arms so I was not sitting on the seat. I stayed at work for about 2 hours, then I just couldn't take it anymore. I went straight to the hospital and they gave me a pain shot in my leg and gave me Tylenol. I contacted my pain management doctor the very same day and had an appointment for a few days later. I went to the pain management doctor and he told me he would not give me another shot until an MRI was done. I went in for the MRI and the next day was back at the pain management doctor.

The MRI revealed:

The pain management doctor gave me the steroid/cortizone injection. I did not feel numb so I had him go back in before I left the office and do a second shot. I continued to talk for the next week with the pain management doctor and told him that after I had the shot I had no relief. He told me he did not know what else he could do so he referred me back to my family doctor. I went back to my family doctor and he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.

I went to the spine surgeon and he gave me another cortizone/steroid injection. A few weeks later I called back to the surgeon and told him that I was not having any relief from the second shot in about 2 weeks. At this point we were both very frustrated.

I have been off work since June 17,2005. I have been waiting for Workman's Comp to pick up the claim. I have had my claim denied 2 times already. Workman' Comp is telling me that Coxxyxdynia is not a condition and that pain is subjective. They also stated that Coccyxdynia is considered to be a medical finding in relation to "Pain" under the Federal Employees compensation Act. They said "Pain" is considered to be a "definitive diagnosis" of any condition in accordance with FECA regulations.

Is there anyone else out there that has or is filing under Workman's Comp for this injury? If so, please contact me.

At this point in time I am going to file under my regular insurance and then try again for Workers' Comp to pick it up after all is said and done. I am going back to my surgeon on October 4,2005 and at that time I will tell him that we can schedule surgery to remove the tailbone.

I am looking for all the help and support I can get on any of the things that I have said. Please email me at

Thank you, Lisa Ann

Update, 2006-01-08

I have now scheduled my surgery for January 9, 2006, which is less than a week away now. I am having it done by a doctor at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan just outside of Detroit. He is going to remove the whole tailbone and said I should only be on my side and stomach for about 2 weeks then I will be able to sit again. I am hoping all works out well so I can get on with my life.

As far as Workers Comp, I am still fighting for what is rightfully mine.

Update, 2006-01-22

I had my surgery on Jan 9, 2006 at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. Dr. Eeric Truumees performed the surgery (see list of doctors and specialists in the USA). I stayed 2 nights then went home. Since I live 3 hours away from the hospital, my mom and boyfriend came up and stayed with me. We own a Dodge Durango so they put the back seats down and I laid on my stomach the whole way home. I will tell you I was in a lot of pain while in the hospital but since I've been home, my mom helped me for the first week doing everything around the house while my boyfriend was at work. Now, I only take my pain meds maybe twice a day if even that. I go back to the doctor on Jan 26th for my 2 week checkup and I will find out when I will be able to sit again. I hope soon because it is not easy laying on your side or stomach and eating dinner.

The incision is about 2 inches long and is at the top of my butt crack. There are several layers of stitches on the inside of me, but none on the outside, only tape. Showers feel really good on my incision. I have started walking up and down our drive way today and have not experienced a lot of pain. But, as it goes you have one good day and then one bad day. The doctor said this was to be expected since you are healing from the inside out.

So far I am grateful I had the surgery. I have not had any problems with infection or my incision. The doctor took a couple pictures of what my tailbone looked like in my body but I was asleep when he gave them to my boyfriend and mom so I am not really sure what I am looking at. I will ask on my next appointment and I will share what I find out then with you.

If anyone has any questions at all about the surgery, please email me. I would love to try and answer some of your questions.

Update, 2006-04-30

I am now almost 4 months post operation. I am feeling great. Since my last update, I am running about 3 miles a day, riding the recumbent bike, with my relaxo-bak cushion on the seat, about 10 miles alternating days with running. I found out the pictures revealed that the tendons or ligaments that attach to your spine were torn or stretched thus giving the tailbone a lot of motion that it should not of had and causing the pain. I also did find out that they could not see it in the MRI or X-rays because it needed to be a special kind of X-ray they do that is sitting down and on females they will not do this type of X-ray because it puts too much radiation into your ovaries.

I am able to drive now, but only about a half an hour at best. I can sit at home but only with my cushion for short periods of a half an hour or so then I get up and walk around. I am able to stand for hours and hours no problems. I am planning on going back to work at the end of May. I am glad I had the surgery because I have had great success with it and have not looked back.

For all the people that have had the surgery and have sat or laid on their backs right away, in my opinion and my doctors opinion, it's not the smart thing to do. I could not lay on my back till my 1 month appointment and I could not sit for at least that long and then it was only for a few minutes with my cushion. I am still supposed to use my cushion when sitting on hard seats. I use my cushion whenever I sit. I bought one of those blue cushions they use for wheel chair, but it squashed down too much and was not lifting me up off the seat so my mom found me one on QVC (tv shopping channel) made by Relaxo-Bak. It is gray and has a carry handle built right in. Best thing I have found and much cheaper buying it from them than getting it directly from Relaxo-Bak.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

Best of luck.

Lisa Ann

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