Desperate in London

Roxanne -

I am writing on behalf of my mum who is 61. I came across your site this evening and was interested to read some things which apply to my mum.

She has been suffering for the 1st time in her life with terrible coccyx pain. She cannot sit up due to the pain. The doctors can't understand what it is and when she sits down it feels like her bones are digging in her from the inside. On top of this pain, she gets severe muscle spasms down the opposite side to her back pain, and it feels tingly and her toes and foot move on their own accord. Her muscles go quite stiff when this happens. Its as though there is something wrong with the nerves down that side. We though maybe sciatica but the nurses don't think so. They think that may be Parkinson's Disease but are not 100 percent sure of anything? But she has been on Parkinson's medication for a year now. Another doctor said her shaking didn't look like PD tremor??!! She has lost a couple of stone in weight and bad appetite also now.

She has had the normal x-ray and they are suggesting some osteoporosis but in the early stages and are treating her with calcium tablets. Should I ask for a sit down/stand up one to check the coccyx? She hasn't had an MRI which I am thinking maybe I SHOULD be asking for one for her.

Incidentally, I had her admitted into hospital 3 weeks ago and she should be coming out tomorrow after a colonoscopy in the afternoon if they cannot find what is wrong with her. Also it is to rule out bowel cancer.

I am scouring the internet, asking the doctors and nurses or anyone that can help us as things are quite bad for her. She has never been ill in her life and this past year has deteriorated very quickly. She did have a cortisone injection about 7 months ago and that was OK for a while but then the pain came back on he other side. But She definitely feels it is her coccyx that is causing the trouble.

She can stand and walk but not far. Do you think by what I have told you that these symptoms could be due to a problem with her Coccyx like what I have read on your site? It is so hard to find an answer to anything as the doctors don't really know what is causing the problem. My mum lives in Essex and I am over from Australia and only have 3 weeks left to find out information and try and sort out anything I can for her.

I would really appreciate any light or suggestions you can throw my way. Of course, I understand you are not a doctor!!!

Hope to hear from you soon.


Roxanne (Desperate in London!!)

Updated 2005-07-28

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