Successful operation in Paisley

Mary -

Jon, I was terrified when told they were going to remove my coccyx. I found your site and I can't thank you enough. It gave me confidence to just go for it, I had my op on the 17th September at the Alexandria Hospital Paisley. My surgeon was Mr Cartlidge (See List of doctors and specialists in the UK (Renfrewshire)), he is the greatest, I came home 24 hours later and I am doing really well.

My advice to others who suffer the agony I've had this past two years is go for the operation. All you need is a good surgeon, a great surgical team and positive mental attitude. It's now 2 months since my op I can sit down for a while without much discomfort, I do get pain but not as bad as the pain I suffered before the op.

Once more I thank you Jon and wish you well.

Good luck to all fellow sufferers.


Updated 2005-11-20

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