Do you think I've broken it?

Anonymous -

The other day my shoes were very wet and I slipped on my wood floors. I've fallen like this many, many times before but it has never hurt this bad. I didn't land sitting straight up, but more at an angle. I think I went into shock because I started crying hysterically and I felt really really cold. It hurt so bad I just laid there on the floor for twenty minutes until I was able to very painfully and slowly walk upstairs to lay down.

It hurts to sit or stand, and to move my bottom at all. Even when I am totally still laying on my stomach it hurts incredibly.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions if it may be broken or not. It may even be badly bruised, but I've bruised it before and It's never hurt so much or sent me into shock. Do you think I've broken it?

Thank you very much! Please e-mail me at

Note from Jon Miles - Most likely dislocated it.

Updated 2005-11-27

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