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Mike -

I wanted to share with you and your readers a GREAT website that specializes in Gel and Memory foam pillows. I recently bought the Tush-Cush and it was a waste of money. The standard foam that it comes with was flattened out immediately by my 250 pound frame. That thing gave me NO support at all.

The company that makes this fantastic pillow is called Allman Products. I bought a coccyx cushion (#1319) from them and a Supra Sofgel Cushion with a fleece cushion (#1327). They are a bit pricey (averaging about 60 US dollars each) I have to say, they are worth EVERY penny. They have given me tremendous relief and I dare say...I think my condition is getting a little better! These cushions are hard to find on the web...It is probably easier to order direct from the company website. It is:

For bigger people, I haven't found ANYTHING else out there that comes close to giving you FULL support and relief like there gel/memory pillows. They are well made and VERY heavy...Which tells me that they aren't skimping on materials.

I had a shot last week which didn't help at all...I think they missed the spot! My brother is a doctor and said that I should avoid the removal of the coccyx at all costs. He said that it doesn't always work...However, there seem to be many people on this site that have had success with full removal.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions!


Coccyx Cushion Supra SofGel Cushion

Coccyx cushion and Supra SofGel Cushion

Updated 2005-03-20

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