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Posted 2005-04-03

Hello to all and thank you for your contributions to this wonderful informative site.

My name is Dianne and I have had coccydynia for approximately 6 - 7 years. It sort of crept up on me. I've never injured myself with falling etc, but I did have a vaginal delivery with an epidural over 8 years ago and my doctor thought this may have been the cause, I'm doubtful because I don't remember having the coccyx pain for the first year or so after the birth.

I put up with the pain for about 3 years before I went to see my GP, he seemed to think it was my back so I went home and suffered some more. My pain is such that it is painful to sit and excruciating to go from sitting to standing and sometimes I feel a 'clunking feeling' as I stand. The longer I sit, the more difficult it is to get up and the more painful. After a further 18 months and a 3,000 km journey in a car to visit my sister in law I decided I couldn't put up with the pain any longer, when I returned from our holiday I went back to my Doctor (different one this time) and she diagnosed coccydynia. She ordered some anti inflammatories which took the edge off initially but did lose their effect over time. She ordered an X-ray and later an MRI which all showed "normal".

I then was desperate and decided to look on the internet and found this wonderful site. On reading the info I discovered that the tests I'd had were worthless and that I should have had the dynamic x-rays. By then I didn't need proof of what I had, I was convinced the pain was coming from my coccyx so I didn't bother chasing further x-rays. I was referred to a Doctor who wasn't an orthopaedic specialist but he did have a special interest in this area. He gave me an internal through the back passage and tried to manipulate the coccyx - the pain was unbearable I cried well after I'd left his office. After this I thought I would just 'put up' and 'shut up,' the cure seemed to be equally as painful as the complaint.

I later heard that another lady in my district had some relief from coccydynia so I pursued her and found out what treatment she had. She had been seen by the Head Anesthetist of a pain clinic after having her third baby and he had injected her coccyx with cortisone and local anaesthetic (at least I think that's what it was) and at the time that I spoke to her she had been 5 weeks pain free. So I got myself a referral to this miracle of men and also had the injections to which I got 6 months free of pain which has been absolute heaven but............there always has to be a but............. now the pain is back and I'm in a lot of pain, it seems worse than ever. I've got about a month before I can get into have the injections again, I don't think I can wait that long.

I live in Western Australia and would like to talk to anyone that has had their coccyx removed and who would they recommend to do such an operation here in WA. I'm just looking at the worst case scenario but hopefully it won't get to that.

Update 2007-03-18

Since my last posting, I continued to have injections to my coccyx, the first two injections brought me 6 months relief at a time which was great! After that the injections seemed to lose their effect and the length of time between injections decreased rapidly to the point that the last injection brought me no relief from pain. I then continued to use voltarin tabs to take the edge off the pain but found I had to increase them as well and I was still in considerable pain.

Finally I made the decision to have a coccygectomy - I just couldn't put up with the pain any longer.

I made an appointment to see Mr Peter Woodlands (recommended from this site) (I had seen Peter 12 months before just to touch base and discuss my options) in Perth to discuss surgery. He agreed that we had tried everything and it was time to take the next step - surgery.

I had my op on Monday 29th January, 2007 at St John's in Subiaco. I didn't find it too painful at all. I had been warned that this op was very painful but honestly, it wasn't bad at all. I did have a personal pain pump for the first 12 hours but after that came out the next morning I had panadol. It was sore to sit understandably - but has got better very quickly.

Mr Woodlands said that my coccyx was very damaged and did need to come out. I am now 6 weeks post op and feel great, the pain is minimal and I can sit much more comfortably than before - plus the terrible pain and clunking that I used to get before whenever I got from sitting to standing has totally gone. In fact - 1 week post op I was in less pain than before the op. I don't need the voltarin anymore either, I did take them for about 3 weeks post surgery.

I would recommend the op to anyone that has tried all the other avenues of treatment with no success. I was frightened as I had conflicting opinions about having the op - but I am so glad I did. I am making a 24 hour plane flight in May and I am going to enjoy this holiday so much more now, I was dreading it before. By then the little pain that I have now will have decreased even more.

If anyone has any questions I would only be too happy to answer them. My email is donri@wn.com.au

Kind regards


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