Coccygectomy in France from Pr Jean-Paul GRANDJEAN



Well, my case is a little different: I wasn't going in for a coccygectomy initially (although the surgeon had let me know he might have to perform one), but for removing a relatively rare kind of cyst located between my tailbone and my rectum (bowel).

When I woke up from the anesthesia, I was told the surgeon had to remove my coccyx to be able to reach the cyst, and that I would therefore be without a tailbone from now on, and to what people told me I made a very funny face!

But it's been 12 days since the surgery, and I'm feeling fine! I do feel some tenderness in the butt area, and I can't sit for extended periods, but if I sit on one cheek I can stay sitting for a good couple hours. I can walk, not as fast as I used to, but still! The surgeon told me to wait 2 months before exercising and to start slow. I just have some ketoprofene (Profenid) or any OTC painkiller to take if it hurts too much. The hardest part was the first two days after the surgery where my intestine started getting to work again (I had had a "cleansing" and no-residue diet before the surgery). Regarding time off work, he signed me a leave for 6 weeks off.

I was surprised to see the scars on some postings -- mine is very discreet and thin, it's about 4 inches long but 3 inches are in the butt crack so it doesn't show, just the part a little less than an inch above. The stitches were taken out a couple days ago (two weeks after the surgery).

For people who can go to France or live there, my surgeon was Pr Jean-Paul GRANDJEAN, 1 rue Laborde, 69500 Bron (in the outskirts of the city of Lyon), +33 4 78 75 25 81. See Doctors and specialists in France.

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Updated 2005-08-21

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