Brother's coccyx pain

Barbara Eade -

My brother is 53 years of age and in reasonable health, but has suffered severe pain in his coccyx region for over two years. He has been under treatment for a "floating coccyx", which consists of strong pain killers. He has also had x rays, an MRI scan and corticosteroid injections which reduced the pain for only a few days. He is now on morphine tablets which have reduced feeling in other parts of his body but doesn't seem to help with his pain very much.

I have just spent a long weekend with him and his wife and son and can see the terrible strain they are all under. My brother has to sit on a rubber ring if and when he does sit down, which isn't often. He lays on his side on the settee to eat his meals and when that gets uncomfortable goes to bed where when his wife joins him. Even the touch of her nightdress on his buttock feels like a kick to him.

He is due to see his consultant in a fortnight when he will apparently make the decision to remove his coccyx or "just" cut the nerves. He has no prior knowledge of injury to cause such pain but is now "not bothered what happens", provided the pain stops. My sister-in-law however is very bothered and wants to know the consequences they face to either of the treatments.

Has any one got any advice they can offer? I will be sending my sister-in-law your story which will I hope answer some of her questions, but would value any other advice.

Many Thanks

Barbara Eade

Updated 2005-11-06

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