Tailbone pain after radiation

Rich Canada - Richard.canada@jacobs.com

In November 2004 I was diagnosed with Rectal Cancer. I immediately started on Chemo (FU-5), and 28 sessions of radiation. I had no pain until the last few radiation treatments.

After the Chemo and Radiation the doctor did a Colostomy, where they cut a 14" opening from my stomach to my pubic area, removed the damaged portion, and reattached the colon to the sphincter muscle. I had a temporary Iliostomy bag for about 2 months, and then had the Iliostomy reversed and my intestines reattached.

I am currently struggling with trying to resume normal bowel functions. But I am also experiencing sometimes severe pain in my tailbone area. I cannot sit on a chair or anything with out my special shaped foam pad. It hurts the most when I get up after sitting.

I believe that this started during radiation, but the radiotherapy Doctor indicates that she does not feel this is true, due to the focusing of the machine/rays.

My surgeon does not know, my oncologist ordered a CT scan and an MRI, which did not show any thing. He ordered a PET scan, but it failed to show anything because my muscles took in all of the dye. I have rescheduled for next week.

If anyone else has similar problems, please let me know.


Rich Canada

Note from Jon Miles:

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