Hysterectomy behind the pain?

Mary - maryhbrock@earthlink.net

All of this information is very helpful - I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow and now I can ask intelligent questions!

I have been hurting for about a year. My pain is very similar to others, the longer I sit, the worse it gets. But the real coccyx pain is when I go from sitting to standing. I am fine in the morning, but as the day goes on, driving and sitting in meetings adds up and by dinner time, I'm pretty uncomfortable.

I wondered if anyone else had experienced this syndrome after a hysterectomy? I had one in November of 2002, and it was great. No pain, easy recovery. Then 18 months later this pain started. It has gotten progressively worse, and the only relief I have had is from the chiropractor using electrical stim on both sides of my tailbone. That relief actually lasted quite a while - a couple months. It's unbearable now, so I am going back tomorrow to see if it will help again.

The reason I wondered about connecting the pain to the hysterectomy, is that one of my doctors made an offhand comment about how many OB/Gyns are changing to laparascopic hysterectomies rather than performing them vaginally. When I asked her why, as mine had been so easy, she mentioned that the position the patient is subjected to while under anesthesia had led to lots of lower back problems. I just stared at her - realizing that this might be a clue!

Many thanks Mary

Updated 2005-03-06

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