Tailbone pain with Rosai Dorfman Disease

Valerie - no_waze_tired@hotmail.com

Hi to Everyone, I just found this site.

I have Rosai Dorfman's Disease in the bones. The pain is so intense that nothing breaks the pain except mega doses of Ibuprofen. I found this site because I was wondering about my tailbone pain, if it was coming from RDD or something different. I had a flare up on this past Saturday. The pain was so intense that I took 14 Ibuprofen, a pain patch over the tailbone and a gel heat pack in a period of 14 hours and that only broke down the pain.

My rare disease gives off the same kind of pain and I am so surprised to find this site and have the same symptoms. This pain could last for days and go into my shoulders. I am happy to have found this site. I will keep in touch and learn all I can in reference to this. I was diagnosed with Degenerative disc disease with Sciatica about 5 years ago. Could this be related and could it have gotten worse?

Updated 2005-12-18

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