Coccyx pain relief in Georgia

Andrew Fossier -

First I want to thank Jon Miles for his creation of this web site. Because of it I finally have relief of my coccyx pain.

Here is my story. I was sitting on a stool, with my rear end on the edge and leaning back, when I felt a sharp pain in my tailbone. That was in October 2001. I suffered until October 2004, then went to an orthopedic surgeon, who took x-rays and sent me for a MRI. He advised me that he observed nothing unusal in the area of my coccyx, and recommended the series of three shots for relief. I went for the 3 series of shots, and still no relief.

I then went to a chiropractor, who, after an x-ray, told me that my coccyx was bent up and to the right, causing pain. Because I live in the State of Georgia, he could not perform an internal adjustment, but he could try to adjust it externally. I went 3 times a week for 6 weeks. He did give me some relief, but the relief was shortlived.

Then I found the Coccyx Web Site. Upon reading the many postings, in the Personal Experience section, I found Dr. Eric Douglass listed in a posting that said the individual got relief. Dr. Douglass (who practices in Florida) called me at home in Georgia (at his expense) and told me that he had trained someone who practices in Atlanta, and that would be closer for me.

I called Bryan Ruchin at 770-982-0102, who practices at the Atlanta Rehabilition & Performance Center in Snellville, Georgia. I made an appointment last week, went to see him and he performed the internal adjustment. I am now 99% pain free for the first time since 2001. I would most definitely recommend Bryan Ruchin, and of course Dr. Eric Douglass if you have this problem.

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Updated 2005-03-27

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