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I am 34 years old male from Finland. I write this here, because what I have discovered is very close to this coccyx pain. I add some good links here after this text.

I have had low pack pain as long as I can remember. When I was young, they told me it is normal growing pain. Some doctors diagnosed leg length discrepancy, scoliosis and bad posture. It was common problem with people, they said.

I do a lot of sports, always have. 15 years ago my pack pain got worse. It was difficult to sit. Then from time to time my legs lost their strength. It lasted usually from 1-5 months. Then I was ok for 2-4 months until the problems came back. I had headache, migraines, stiff neck/shoulder area. Pain in top of my back and low back. Also ischias.

During these years I visited about 10 doctors, 3 physiatrists, orthopedist, neurologist, chiropractors, naprapaths, acupuncture, OMT-therapeutist, massagers... and some others too. Countless amount of tests, pictures, examinations, tests, pills, pills, pills... Doctors had no idea at all what is the reason for my pains, and that manipulation treatment helped me only a little, for a while.

I already gave up my search for reason to my pains... then I went to local hospital and asked if there are any physiatrists and that was the lucky day of my life! This 4th physiatrist diagnosed a Sacro-Iliac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD) and pushed my SI back to its place. My pain was gone and my legs got their strength back in the next hours... I was in ecstasy! This was the solution! And he told me he is the only doctor in Finland who knows this technique.

But that happiness lasted only 3 weeks and the pain came back and the strength left from my legs. I went to see this physiatrist again. He didn't believe me first when I told him my SI is probably again in dysfunction. And he totally called me a dreamer when I told him that after last treatment all my pain went away and my legs got their strength back immediately. He just didn't believe in me. Then he examined me and saw my SI was dislocated, in dysfunction, again and put it back.

After this I again got a great feeling: no pain and full of strength! But it lasted only 3 days and again SI dislocated. It didn't hold! And unfortunately this doctor was on a long summer holiday. Then at work one man told, that his mother had similar problems and she got help from a self educated healer. I called to this healer and went to see him and he put my SI back. But this time this healer explained what moves I must avoid and what moves I must do as an exercise. And he understood what this SIJD is capable of causing.

I saw this healer twice again before my SI held. It has been now 5 months in its place and I have done more sports during that time than during last 10 years before this. And of course a lot of my relatives and friends have got a relief to their pains after me from this same healer. Including two fibromyalgia patients, one patient with paralyzed legs... and I have heard hundreds of others too.

Last months I have been spending all my free time to look for evidence of what was done to me. What is this SI-joint dysfunction and why don't the doctors know about it!! I have been collecting links to my web pages. Lots of them talk about pelvic rotation that may cause a lot of problems and pains, including coccyx!

Coccyx is suffering very much from this pelvic rotation that happens in SI-dysfunction. The tree bones are in triangle: coccyx, sacrum and hip bones (ilium, ischium and pubis).

And this syndrome or dysfunction of Si and pelvis is not easy to diagnose. Very few doctors know how to do it. Most of the doctors don't even believe in it!!! That is what I am about to change here in Finland in future!

You can start from here:




And after those, use google...

I hope someone, some day, can heal you all, like I was!

Best of life

Toni, ex-long time pain patient

Updated 2005-12-04

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