Will I be able to take care of my puppy after the operation?

Donald - petmate1@netzero.com

My name is Donald and I am going to have the coccygectomy surgery the middle of January. I wish someone would get back to me and sort of let me know just what I have agreed to do. My tailbone pain started about a year ago and has progressively gotten worse and worse. I first went to my primary doctor to see what going on. An x-ray was taken and I was told, "Well, your tailbone is not broken." And to them that was the end of it. But the pain kept coming. I could not even sit all the way through Sunday School without having to get up from the excruciating pain.

I eventually went to see a surgeon in a nearby town. He did some additional x-rays and told me that I had something called Facet Joint Arthropathy, and also coccyxedennia. He suggested that I go see this other surgeon. I went to see him and he ordered a bone scan. It showed nothing.

From that point I went to see another surgeon even farther away. He ordered an MRI. Again he said that I had quite a bit of Arthritis down in my lower back but he did not see anything that he thought he could do surgery on. So he sent me to the Pain Center. I was sent to have physical therapy where they did something called Iontophoreses and phonophereses. One was applying medicine to the area through a patch which the medicine was delivered by electric current, and the other was the same thing but the medicine was delivered through ultra sound. I went through this for about six weeks. No help at all. Then the Pain Center tried injections. they helped for a day or so and then it was back to the same old same old.

Finally, the Pain Doctor decided that the only thing left to do was to send me to yet another surgeon to have my tailbone removed. So this is where I am at now. The surgeon has agreed to do the surgery and it is scheduled for the middle of January. I chose then so I would not have to go down during Christmas. He did say that he had only done two of these procedures before. So I am now waiting to have it done. I cannot sit for long until I am in terrible pain.

Can anyone tell me what I am in for? Really the only thing that I am worried about, is if I will be able to take care of my Shi Tzu puppy after I have it done. I hope that I can go in one morning, have it done, and then come home that afternoon. If I do this, will I be able to look after my little dog? Will I be able to get up enough to take her out to pee pee that same day? And also will I be able to bend over enough to pick her up and put her on the bed if I need to? She is very close to me and I am more worried about her than I am myself.

How about the pain? How bad will it hurt the first time I go to have a bowel movement? I was told that the main thing they worry about is an infection.

All who will please get in touch with me as soon as possible and answer as many of these questions as you can. He says that he is going to remove ALL of my tail bone. And one more thing before I conclude. I am also an AMPUTEE on the right side below the knee, as a result of a car accident. Will this make getting around any more difficult? I know how we use our legs to balance with. Just a thought.

I will be waiting on as many replies as I can get to ease my mind. I also live by myself except for my little doggie. That is why I want to have it done one morning early, and then try to come home that afternoon. Thanks for anyone who will reply back to me.

Don in Carolina

Updated 2005-12-04

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