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Good morning - it came to me during the night to look my coccyx problem up on the net - and thanks to a wonderful God for steering me in this direction. Now I know that I am not going crazy.

Went to my regular doctor, who did send for an x-ray, which came back normal so then my doctor said well I really don't know what to do but if the pain changes your lifestyle we can think about an injection. Somehow the idea of this did not sit too well with me - a needle into the spine - said I'd think about it.

Have been going to a chiropractor for a number of years, who keeps me tuned up, but not much help here either.

Thank goodness I am not in pain all the time, just when sitting or lying in the wrong position. And this pain was not the result of an accident etc. just came one day about 4 months ago. Hoping it will go away the same way it came.

Have not investigated all the links yet but a few questions:

Anyway to make a long story short, thank you for this website, which I have bookmarked, and will refer to often.

Updated 2005-02-27

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