Pain in the butt

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I am female. I recently had anal sex (on accident) (it slipped!!)

I have had the j-pouch procedure (internal pouch made out of small intestine, large intestine removed).

I had pain immediately, especially when I sit. I had no blood. The pain is not as intense as it was the first 2-3 days after. I have pain (on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the worst) My pain is 2-3 at all times. When I sit it is a 5-6. when I get up from sitting it can be up to a 8-9. I think that I have this coccyx stuff your site is about!

Have you ever heard of this happening before? Have you had anyone ever have this kind of story before? Please I am having a hard time I am very afraid. I have no insurance. I have very little $. Doctors will not see me without at least $200.00 upfront.

I just want to know what you think and if this has ever happened before in your history?


Note from Jon Miles:

Yes, anal sex is one of the causes of coccyx pain. What can happen is that the coccyx gets dislocated, the joint being damaged. In particular, your symptom of an acute pain when getting up is typical of a dislocating coccyx. So you are in the same boat as people who got this condition through falling on their bottom.

I have had several emails from women with the same cause of their coccyx pain. Also, one of the medical papers, The influence of etiology on the results of coccygectomy, lists 48 individual patients, giving the cause or contributory factors of their coccyx pain in each case. In five cases, all women, anal sex was listed as a cause or contributing factor, 10% of the total.

Updated 2005-03-20

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