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I had no previous injury to my tail bone area but worked in an office where I sat most of the day. The pain became constant and rising from sitting to standing was excruciating. It was to a point where I had to sit on a coccyx cushion not only at work and at home but in a car. Sitting just became unbearable.

As so many others, I then began my search for help. I had x-rays (normal) bone scan (normal) MRI (normal) Colonoscopy (normal) I then had physical therapy with no results. Was prescribed a tens unit that I used for a few weeks with no results. I had a cortisone shot directly to my tail bone area and did have relief from the pain for about a month and then the pain came back full force. I was advised I should only have the cortisone shot every 3 months. I was told there really wasn't much they could do for this type of pain but I could try a nerve block but as desperate as I was for relief from this constant pain, I was very apprehensive about the nerve block.

I finally went to the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I was treated by David Brownstein M.D. He recommended Hydrogen Peroxide IVs. I had two treatments a week for three weeks. The first week I didn't see much improvement but the second week I was amazed how much better I felt. By the third and final week it was as if I had never had the pain. I was amazed and just kept waiting for the pain to return as it did after the cortisone shot wore off. It is now almost two years and the pain has never returned. I may have a little tenderness if I sit for a very long period but nothing compared to the pain I endured for so long. As anyone who has suffered this pain knows it is like getting your life back to be able to go on a long car trip, see a movie, go out to dinner, etc., without pain!!

Updated 2005-09-04

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