Tailbone too long?

Lambert - louvierl@bellsouth.net

I am not getting much help from the medical field as to what is causing me to hurt so bad when I sit. I would like to share my pictures with others to get their input and to compare mine with others. The only one I can share right now is my MRI (laying down). All the others are too blurry and the CAT scan was done all facing frontal, so you can't see the section.

I will be going back to the doctor and try to get a better sit/stand x-ray. All I get from the doctor reports is everything is normal or unremarkable. I have been looking at this MRI and thinking my tailbone does seem too long.

MRI scan

See also x-rays of dislocating coccyxes, and Mary's drawing based on her x-ray

Updated 2005-01-02

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