Bent coccyx

Anila -

Hi there..

I am a 23 year old woman from India. Five months back I fell down from about 7 feet and landed on my buttocks. It didn't hurt much then, but the next morning I couldn't get up. I got an X-ray done and it showed a good bend of the coccyx.

My orthopaedic doctor advised me to sit on a doughnut shaped cushion and take some pain killers. I followed his advice, the pain went away in about a fortnight, but the discomfort upon sitting normally remains. Though it has got better, but at a snail's pace.

My doctor did a rectal exam to measure the extent of the injury and said its not a fracture. But 5 months past I still cannot sit normally and cannot bear entire body weight on the coccyx. Today for the first time after injury I drove up to the mall (about 10 minutes) and then went out with my brother (this time he drove). I just tried to sit normally, got a few jerks (very light ones) and now I feel pain during bowel movements. I'll wait to see if it settles down by itself .

A couple of days back I wrote to Dr. Michael Durtnall about my condition, and also sent him a copy of my X-rays.

The problem is that here in India we don't have any chiropractors and making arrangements to go all the way to U.K. for treatment needs time. Also I am not sure whether I should wait for some more time and see my progress or I should just go for it. I have just finished my masters degree in computers and I start working next week. With this problem now, I have no idea what my job life would be like and I am just 23. Also I can't figure out what future would be like ....

All the best to all

Updated 2005-01-16

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