Is this Coccydynia? Please...

Clackmac -


I've had this condition for about 5 years. I've seen a doctor repeatedly who sent me to various internal type specialists, and the whole time I felt it was more a physical therapy/ chiropractic type situation. (Finally, after an MRI of my pelvic region two years ago, he said he couldn't find anything, so I said, "That's it. It's over. Let's just forget about this until you or I can provide some form of new insight into this problem.)

Yes, at times I felt like I was crazy. When I came to this board it was the first time that I felt that there were people who were going through what I was going through or something similar.

In short there were several things I told my doctor that must have made me look nuts, and I come to this board, and see the exact same comments. I can't say that what I have is coccydynia as many of the symptoms I don't seem to have. But it is amazing to see in print some of the exact same symptoms I do have!


Please, please, please, please, any insight to my condition would be appreciated. I'm not sure if everyone is going to write, "Hey buddy, you have Coccydynia!" or if they are going to say, "Wrong group, you're not even close!" All I can say it that in reading the messages it was the first time in five years that I did not feel like I was crazy. It was the first time I had ever heard of anyone saying the same seemingly crazy things that I had told my doctor.

So any information you can provide would be appreciated. If you have any of the symptoms or have talked to others with my symptoms, or know anything about my symptoms, please let me know.

Note: I am quite fit, but I have been unable to improve my posture, as of yet. The Yoga did more for my posture than I have ever been able to manage. I have thought my condition was somewhat related to poor posture.



Updated 2005-05-15

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