Had surgery July 12, 2005

DrGPetDoc - DrGPetDoc@aol.com

Suffered with coccyx pain for a few years, periodic steroid injections gave some relief. Having a history of orthopedic problems and some surgery, I knew I would have to make the decision to have surgery at some point in time.. This website was very helpful and led me to Dr. Seth Kane in Paramus, N.J. (see doctors and specialists in the USA) about 1/2 hour from my home..

I had my surgery on July 12, 2005. The discomfort was pretty intense for the first several days, got through with percocet. I couldn't really drive for about 10 days after surgery. I can now sit for some periods of time as I am doing typing this letter. I feel some discomfort but am optimistic that I will have a complete recovery. The surgeon found that a section of the coccyx bone was separated and moving around, thus causing the intense pain. I have to assume that moving the offensive piece of bone will rid me of the problem..

Thanks again for the people who created this site it was truly a blessing.

I must say that Dr. Kane was very supportive and a very competent physician, he has done several of these surgeries which gave me great confidence in him.

Updated 2005-07-29

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