Sitting is OK, but lowering myself into a chair causes jarring pain

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I had surgery 12 years ago to remove an excruciating cyst from my tailbone area. Over the years if I sat for a long time or walked long distances I would feel a dull achiness in the area. Not pain really , just a slight discomfort that I could certainly live with after the Cyst Nightmare.

All was well, until one month ago while on a hiking trip I fell flat on my tailbone on a rock. It wasn't a bad fall. I didn't even expect to bruise. But, later that day after a 3 hour car ride things would change. The usual dull achiness I expected when I got out of the car was incredibly sharp and it got progressively worse.

For the next 24 hours I couldn't bend down at all. Actual sitting was okay but lowering myself to a chair was very painful and getting up was agonizing. Then it went away, I was normal.

Three and a half weeks later the pain returned for no reason. I was walking about the house early one evening and suddenly I noticed my tailbone was unusually sore and every hour it got progressively more and more painful. I could barely lower the kitty's dish to the floor. That night I couldn't sleep from the pain. The slightest shift felt like I was being stabbed. Sitting on a cushion typing this I feel fine. No pain. If I shift too sudden or I get up ~~~JARRING PAIN. I read an internet article that coccyx pain that is alleviated by sitting and activated by rising is caused by muscle contractions/spasms. However, with my cyst history and the fall I took, I am skeptical that it is just due to tight muscles.

I am hoping this episode will go away as quickly as the last but I am frightened that this recurring pain is going to be a part of my life from now on. If it were a fractured or bruised coccyx wouldn't the pain have continued for weeks instead of coming and going so quickly then returning weeks later for no reason? Warm water and aspirin seemed to help during the first episode but not this time.

I do not have health insurance now so going to the doctor is just about out of the question for me. It has been my experience with doctors/dentists that I have to visit 2 or 3 of them before one of the them gives me a correct diagnosis or a treatment that actually helps all the while dropping $200 a visit. Sorry to sound so bitter. Being Sick & Poor is hard!

This forum is wonderful. I've read other people's stories and there is some very interesting homeopathic remedies worth looking into.

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Updated 2005-05-22

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