The pain gradually went away

Cathryn -

My story has a happy ending!

Coccyx pain started 2 months after birth of third child (all 3 by caesarean section and after suffering fairly severe symphisis pubis dysfunction during last pregnancy). The pain just got worse and worse and eventually I could not sit without a coccyx cushion and at times could not get comfortable even with the cushion.

I was becoming fairly miserable about it all. Had physiotherapy, internal manipulation by osteopath (nice!), steroid injections from doctor and eventually referred for manipulation and steroid injections under general anaesthetic.

A couple of weeks before my operation date, being 18 months after the pain had started, I felt a marked improvement and decided to delay the operation. Over the next 3 months or so, the pain gradually went away and now I am pain free. I do not know why it came or went but it shows other sufferers that there is hope!

Updated 2005-09-04

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