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Lynn - lynnfagan@hotmail.com

I first discovered what the coccyx was last December 2003 after undergoing surgery for a D & C after a miscarriage, unfortunately they did not remove everything so infection set in which a week later caused me to collapse in my front room falling on my back and without my knowledge I cracked my coccyx. The pain was unbearable so I went to my GP who then told me there was nothing she could do for me that it was like a cracked or broken rib and that it would heal itself. Eventually the pain did subside with the help of lots of pain killers.

Then Friday last I woke up with the exact same pain but had no fall or injury prior to this - I have been in agony at work and yes, on reading on everyone else's similar problems and pains, nobody understands how uncomfortable this is especially for new Mums and office workers or anything that involves sitting down for long periods of time.

I visited the Company doctor this morning (very sympathetic lady compared to my own GP) who signed me off for 4 days so hopefully I would be recovered for Christmas, she also gave me strong pain killers and anti-inflamatories. Needless to say I am still at work because everyone has booked their time off what with it being Christmas week, I opted to work this week as I have no children, but because I can walk I think people just take for granted that you are fine enough to work.

All I can do is hope to God this repairs itself but I am losing faith after reading about everybody else and what they have gone through, and it has certainly put it on hold for me for any ideas about falling pregnant again in the near future.

Updated 2005-01-02

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