Fell down stairs in early pregnancy

Gillian - Gillian.Todd-Messinger@ddbcanada.com

I had a fall down the stairs about 5 months ago landing down hard on my tailbone. At the time I had the doctor look at the area which was bruised and of course it was painful to walk or run. The doctor hesitated to give me an X-ray as I suspected that I may be expecting my second child. Sure enough, a week later, my pregnancy was confirmed.

Slowly but surely I've retrieved my mobility, but most days I am in a great deal of discomfort. As a runner, I have not been able to even attempt short runs, which my doctor approved even with the pregnancy. In fact, I find that when I do try to exert myself by going out on a long walk or briskly house cleaning, by the end of the day I am immobile.

At this stage I'm not sure that the pain I'm feeling is more than just a tail bone break. And, unfortunately, I won't be able to undergo X-rays until the baby is born. I suspect that the pain is getting a little worse every day given the baby's growth. Do you have any suggestions as how I may find out if my injury is worse than I think it may be? Or, if you have any suggestions on how to provide some much needed relief for the time being.



Updated 2005-10-02

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