Doctors in Puerto Rico


Here are a few names to add to your doctor's list for Puerto Rico. It took me 9 months to find them and thought maybe these names might save someone else some pain.

For dynamic x-rays:

CLAG (Clinica Las Americas) Imaging centre, Edgar Colon Negron MD DABR, Tel. (787) 789-1919, Ext. 251 FAX (787) 272-8344, Email:

This was the only clinic even willing to try to learn how to take these x-rays. They were very kind and very eager to learn. I printed up the info from Dr. Maigne's site and we just went through it step by step. There were about 6 technicians who came into the room to learn how to take them and I was impressed by their willingness to try. In the end they got it right and found a posterior luxation.

Dra. Ivelisse Gonzalex Esteban, Torre San Pablo, Suite 603, Calle Santa Cruz #68, Bayamon, PR 00961, Tel. (787) 786-2469

Dra. Ivelisse is a physiatrist. She was the first doctor I met after a long search, that was open-minded enough to admit she didn't know everything and do some research on the internet. She agreed to write the prescription for dynamic x-rays and was very helpful in pointing me in a direction. She also personally contacted the following specialist for treatment. She has a physical medicine and rehabilitation centre and for a less severe case she would be great.

Dr. Fernando Gerena Nieves, Instituto para el Manejo del Dolor de PR & El Caribe, Edificio Centro Internacional de Mercadeo, Suite 301, Carr. 165, Tel. (787) 641-9871

This specialist is one of the few on the island who has a fluorosopic machine and one of only two that Dra. Ivelisse recommended. He performed a guided injection. He and his staff are extremely kind, competent and knowledgeable.

Updated 2005-08-21

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