Any medicine I can take that won't make me vomit?

Steph -

Well; I had heard breaking your tailbone is probably the most unbearable bone to break since you're constantly sitting on your "tail," because my Grandma broke hers & my cousin broke hers during birth.

I was working Friday night, and I was emptying out the coffee canisters after someone had splashed soapy mop water onto the hard tile floors. As I went to sit the coffee canisters in front of the coffee pots, my feet slipped from under me, and before I knew it I landed straight on my back. I cut my hand open badly, and bruised my arm significantly. As I tried to stand up, I blacked out in a blurred vision, in spots and things of that sort. I didn't report this, because I thought I just clumsily bruised my butt. Then, after I clocked out, I drove home, & I cried the entire 30 some minutes home because I was in so much pain.

I went to the emergency room after my mom persuaded me to go, & after about 5 x-rays, the doctor confirmed I had broken my tailbone. I was put out of work for 5 days, stating that I will be in significant pain for the next 2 weeks, and to use 500 mg. of Hydrocodone as needed. This Hydrocodone has made me throw up everything I have eaten, including a medicine to stop vomiting. Is there any other type of medicine I can take that will not make me so nauseated?

I just turned 18 today, & my body has never taken any other type of medicines besides Synthroid, Birth Control, allergy pills and inhalers for asthma, and is not used to these harsh narcotics. Is there anything else I can do to go back to school and work sooner, and to ease my discomfort?

Thanks, Steph*

Updated 2005-12-18

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