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Marie, UK - Update - Roller Derby fall

Barbara, UK - Update - Review for Michael Durtnall of The Sayer Clinics

Lucy, UK - Update - Drugs not working

Clare, UK - Update -Scheduled for surgery - now had it

Kirsten, USA - Update - Relief for coccyx pain

Anonymous, UK - Update - Successfully treated by Michael Durtnall

James, USA - Update - Manual treatment: worked the first day!

Karen, UK - Update - Coccyx pain

Xavier, UK -Update - Gradual improvement over 1.5 years with Dr Durtnall and exercises

Sandy, UK - Update - My experience of coccyx pain

Emily, UK - Update - Coccyx pain from age 10

Dan, USA - Update - So very glad I got this surgery

Jo, UK - Update - Injections under anaesthetic

Anonymous, India - Update - Tailbone treatment by Dr Syeda Mubashira

Jaime, USA - Update - Debilitated after giving birth

Helen, UK - Update - Coccygectomy and still in pain

Anonymous, USA - Update - One injection cured the pain

James, UK - Update - A strange old tail - removed by Professor Doursounian in Paris

Tricia, USA - Update - Coccygectomy experience and doctor referral

Anonymous, UK - Update - Post natal depression and coccyx pain

Michelle, UK - Update - Manipulation under anesthetic, then coccygectomy

Jessica, Australia - Update - Coccygectomy after unexplained coccyx deformity

Anne, UK - Update - 97% better

Abhishek, India - Update - Tailbone pain without any apparent injury

Marielle, UK - Doctor recommendation

Christopher, Poland - Thinking of having surgery

Nancy, USA - My coccyx was about to puncture my bowel

Dileshwar, India - Tail bone treatment

Federico, UK - Super-tight coccyx

Susan, USA - Question about cushions

Sulthana, India - Tail bone pain during and after pregnancy

Pauline, The Netherlands - Cycling and driving in comfort

Keerthi, India - Greatly improved

Anonymous, UK - Coccyx manipulation and pelvic physiotherapy

Cindy, USA - Help!

Neena, USA - Vitamin D helped

Diane, USA - Tailbone pain relieved

Vinayak, India - Huge pain relief from tailbone

Anonymous, USA - Coccydynia

Ray, USA - Coccyx injury

Tony, UK - 95% better after two years of manipulations

Will, Switzerland - Particularly painful when transitioning between standing up and sitting down

Marilyn, USA - Coccyx pain 8 years!

Joy, Zimbabwe - Relief from coccyx pain!

Wendy, UK - Treatment for coccyx injury with Michael Durtnall

Helen, UK - Questions about surgery

Anonymous, UK - Sports injury

Siva, India - Coccyx bone pain

Paz, UK - Manipulations coupled with physiotherapy

Amy, UK - Coccyx angled and calcifying

Malika S, UK - Bad posture while sitting and reading led to the sudden occurrence of coccyx pain

Husain, UK - Fall on hip led to nerve pain

Frederick, UK - Rowing injury

Miranda - Looking for advice about caudal injections

Stephanie, USA - Would like to talk about surgery

Rodrigo, Brazil - Pilonidal cyst and separate coccyx pain

Lucy, UK - Subluxation/Dr Durtnall

Kirk, USA - Coccyx birth defect

Mark, UK - It started with a kick...

Claire - Spur kept coming back

Neha, India - Exercises to improve the muscle strength around my tailbone

Lakshmi, India - Treatment by Dr. Mubashira

Naresh, India - Don't fear tail bone pain, because Dr. Rajveer Singh is perfect for this treatment.

Kate, UK - Rapid relief with Mr Sandler

Sally, UK - Forever thankful to have found something that works!

Mandi, USA - Update - Tailbone drama

Carolyn, Denmark - Recommend Sanne Holst Jensen

Anonymous, UK - Embarrassing Problem

Anonymous - Successfully treated by Dr. Durtnall

Anonymous - Coccyx recovery

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