Manual treatment: worked the first day!

James -

Posted 2015-03-08

I have been having coccyx issues for 10 months now, ever since I started a job where I sit down all day. In fact, most of my day consists of sitting down. I have tried various treatments, however it was when mentioned on this site that the muscle spasms are part of this issue that a light bulb went off for me. I remembered that I have always had issues with muscles spasms, cramps, and tightness. I was attacking the issue from the wrong direction, trying different sitting positions, stretches, bone supplements, etc.

My tailbone was aching in almost every position I could get into yesterday, and so I started taking Hyland's Mag Phos 6x (Magnesium Phosphate) at the largest dose recommended for as many doses as recommended (4 tablets under the tongue, absorbed sublingually, 8 times a day). I took all eight doses by the time I got off work and was already noticing throughout the day that my condition was becoming more comfortable!

Then, when I got home, I remembered that Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), also relaxes muscles, so I put the max dose in a bath (2 cups) and settled into that, and started doing kegel exercises, and noticed that whatever discomfort I could summon by doing the exercise, which wasn't much at this point, was also melting away! I made sure to lay any which way except on my back that night while I slept, and by morning, I can say that I feel cured! I can tell that there is still some healing taking place to the coccyx and the rest of my system, however, the pain is gone! I have been testing this all morning, trying to put myself into what previously would have been painful positions and the condition is gone!

I will do my best to follow up on this, but this seems to be VERY FAST RELIEF at the very least, AND CHEAP!

Update, 2018-06-10

I am still free of Coccyx pain.

I still sit most of the day, so that really hasn't changed, although my chair has (I was sitting on a stool type chair for 6 hours a day back when this was an issue)

I don't really do anything special any more to address this kind of issue, except that my posture when I sit is better, emphasizing more lower back support and not hunching over when I sit.

I believe that my coccyx was bound up by my muscles and not allowed to move, so when I temporarily got those muscles to relax, that was enough to start recovery from Coccydynia.

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