Thinking of having surgery

Christopher, Poland -

Posted 2015-12-20

My name is Christopher, I'm a Polish man, 53 years old. 4 months ago I had an accident going on a metal rod and hurt my tailbone. That day I went to the pool and worked intensively another two days. After two days I woke up in the night with severe pain and went to the orthopedist. X-ray examination was performed and found that the tail bone was not broken but moved.

It hurt me only when I sat, I could walk without a problem. I did not know that I should lie down and rest. It was my mistake but an orthopedic surgeon did not give me any recommendations of how to proceed during treatment. As the result of poor treatment it has become mobile.

I had ups and downs, sometimes it hurt less, often it was very painful. I feel it is moving because after a hard day it hurts me the most when I bend. Today, I try not to take any painkillers but I feel it would be worse if I start work harder.

I was in the hospital and they told me that as the pain is continuing, they can make an operation to remove the coccyx. This is an orthopedic hospital where they perform a lot of pelvic surgery (a special unit for such operations). I think I'll take the risk and opt for surgery to remove the coccyx, because otherwise I will live in pain and will lead me into depression. What do you think about it ?

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