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Clare, UK -

Posted 2015-01-18

My name is Clare and I live in England, Essex. I have been suffering from coccyx pain for just over 5 years now. I fell down my wooden stairs from top to bottom and since that day my life has been hell. I went to the doctors who didn't want to know they just kept palming me off with pain killer after pain killer none even touched the pain.

I was given morphine patches after lots of begging and trying different meds, these did work but made me feel so spaced out, sick and not with it I could not cope looking after my boy so I soon came off them.

I finally got my doctors to give me an x-ray then shortly after an MRI scan - They said that nothing was wrong so I should be happy.. Happy in excruciating pain and you cant help me yes I'm ecstatic. Why are doctors so unsympathetic?

Anyway last year I went to see Dr Durtnall at the Sayer clinic (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) he took a stand up x-ray and said straight away my coccyx has been bent back so virtually straight so I'm sitting on a point. He said I can see now why your in so much pain and was very sympathetic. Finally after 4 years some actual answers an actual diagnosis.

I went to see Dr Durtnall a few more times and he did a lot of external manipulation work that didn't seem to be helping at all and was costing me a small fortune.

For some reason he didn't want to do internal manipulation and the external manipulation ended up giving me a trapped nerve in the front of my leg which made things worse.

After a lot of research I decided to see his colleague Dr Griffith he worked right near Liverpool street and was cheaper(see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). He is a lovely guy. I told him I wanted to try internal manipulation and was no problem. I saw him about 4 or 5 times and it did help but didn't last very long was in pain again after a week.

When I drive I can feel my coccyx moving - Surely an op is my only hope!!!!!!!

Procedures I have had:

1st hydrocortisone steroid injection - Didn't work at all

2nd hydrocortisone steroid injection - 100% Pain free for 6 blissful months

3rd hydrocortisone steroid injection - 70% pain reduced for 2 months

4th hydrocortisone steroid injection - 70% pain reduced for 1 months

5th hydrocortisone steroid injection - 60% pain reduced for 1 months

6th hydrocortisone steroid injection Coupled with stunning the nerve endings - few weeks pain relief

7th hydrocortisone steroid injection Coupled with Caudal Epidural - Didn't work

I have had ultra sound, acupuncture, internal manipulation, external manipulation, deep tissue massage. The lot!!!!

I went back to my doctor and he said there is nothing more we can do we have tried everything so I said to him I want to be referred to a hospital in Harlow and have the surgery. I am on a coccyx group on facebook and a lady on there had had her coccyx removed in September in Harlow by this surgeon and is now pain free.

I was referred to Harlow hospital who said they would like to try an MUA, one thing I haven't tried and I burst into tears. I said I do not want to try anything else I just want the surgery now. He told me its only a 50/50 chance - A chance I am willing to take. What's the alternative. Live like this forever??

I am now scheduled to have a full coccyx removal on Tuesday 10th February. As much as I don't want surgery nothing else has worked.

So here I am now 5 years later and will be having surgery in the next 4 weeks, I'm excited nervous, scared petrified.. Lots of different emotions but I'm just hoping praying and keeping everything crossed that it works for me, This is no life, its an existence.

If anyone would like to email me or ask questions please feel free to:

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Jon Miles who created this amazing website. I don't know what I would of done without this site its been a godsend. x

Posted 2018-07-15

I had the coccyx removed about three years ago now and I'm 90 % better. It was done by Dr Gul at the princess Alexandra hospital in Harlow (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Essex). Highly recommend him.

I still get a bit sore when I sit for too long but the pain is bearable and was so worth it. I have to be careful with high impact exercises as this can sometimes make it flare up and sometimes give me bad sciatica.

I had a physiotherapy session at the gym where the trainer told me with this injury I shouldn't be doing anything cardio wise on incline and showed me some moves to do that also corrects my posture.

Now I go to the gym regularly and lead a normal pain free life now. Best decision I ever made. My only regret was that I waited 5 plus years and didn't get it removed sooner.

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