My coccyx was about to puncture my bowel

Nancy, USA -

Posted 2015-12-06

1989 I had terrible pain in my spine. 1991 a doctor said I needed surgery as my coccyx was about to puncture my bowel. Two years later they cut me again. I had to retire from a wonderful job in 1993. I could do nothing with so much pain. I was put on disability. I have had 24 years of pain. There were times that I managed fairly well but at days end, I hurt! My husband walked out on me 13 years ago. I lost my home. Trying to get on with life I found a small place to fix up. Slowly I had a new place to live. Everything I did and do is a struggle. The past year has been a living hell. I'm very strong, have a big pain threshold and keep most of my agony to myself. I am now seeing another pain doctor.

I write this as I need to tell you that if you can live without a coccyxectomy, PLEASE do not have this operation. Seek all the medical advice you can find. Go for second third and many more opinions.

Because I allowed these doctors to do this surgery I have lost everything. First I lost my job then my husband left me. I had to sell my home as I could no longer keep it up, physically or financially. I got a small home and last year I lost that. Now I'm living with my daughter.

After my surgery I was in a wheelchair, followed by a walker, then a cane. The wheelchair was a short thing. I had to have the entire coccyx removed. I also had four breaks on my sacrum. Extra pain was coming from a tumor and bone spur in my right buttocks, another surgery later. My back is very damaged from two doctors who never should have operated on me.

It took me years to have, somewhat, of a good day. Each night I cry as I sit to relax. I toss for hours in bed until the pain quiets down. Riding in a car is very painful. Each pump in the road is horrible for me.

I have heard other patients tell me their horror stories. After all these years of suffering I will do anything to help others who are waiting for surgery or have gone through it.

My heart and prayers go out to others who are dealing with coccyx problems.

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