Rapid relief with Mr Sandler

Kate, UK - ecojoulesrecruitment@gmail.com

Posted 2015-02-22

Following a week of pain I found Mr Sandler on your site (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London) and booked an appointment for the following day (he had a cancellation). I explained I had fallen snowboarding and afterwards been slightly sore. I then had a bout of sickness and whilst bend over being sick felt something 'go'. I could barely move from then on, simply laying down was a three minute journey of agony and sitting not an option for at least four days. These pains reduced over this period but would not go and I could feel there was something not right.

Research (and previous experience) indicated that I was unlikely to get immediate help from the NHS so I had come to him. He examined me and determined that my coccyx was bent in and to the right, completed the internal manipulation there and then and although still slightly sore all the sharp pains and difficulties moving vanished. This was a very inexpensive and immediate cure for what I could have left go on and on if I had not taken advice from your very useful site.

Thanks to both yourself and the amazing Mr Sandler. My advice to others suffering pain in the coccyx is to just go and sort it out- what have you got to lose? If no one else you have seen knows what to do try Mr Sandler - he really knows what he is doing, even teaches this technique both here and abroad. I was scared it would hurt, but it really didn't - at most a little uncomfortable and extremely undignified. The appointment was about 25 mins long, the actual manipulation a couple of mins. Thanks again.

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