Tailbone treatment by Dr Syeda Mubashira

Anonymous, India

Posted 2015-09-27

I had a fall during a camel ride two months back. When I fell, I landed in a sitting position on a rock. That night I had excruciating pain and I could not even move an inch. I don't know anything thing about tailbone, so I just continued with my job by using painkillers thinking that it would go any in few days.

But the pain was still persisting after one week. So, I visited an ortho and he concluded that it was coccydinia. I was prescribed some medicines and all which I used for two weeks, but there was no improvement in my condition.

I visited another ortho and he advised me a donut pillow. This just worsened my condition. I started having hip pain and leg pain. He said that there is no other treatment for this and only treatment was to take steroid injection. But I was reading through net that this gives only small term benefits. So I was firmly not interested in that.

After two months of using medicine and all, I accidentally came across this website. When I was reading the experiences, I had a new hope for my condition. I read about treatment by Dr Syeda Mubashira and Dr Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India) and that day itself I booked an appointment.

When they saw my x ray, they immediately noticed that there is angulation of coccyx which many doctors could not identify. And there is also oedema in the coccyx region.

Dr Syeda Mubashira treated me with manipulation, exercises and ultrasound. During my treatment she is so friendly and caring and genuinely interested in recovery. The treatment gave me a huge relief from the pain. Even though the pain is not completely gone, I am sure that regular exercises will definitely give me 100% relief. The treatment is not painful.

I thank Jon for creating this website which helped me a lot

Update, 2018-03-18

It has been a very good experience with Dr.Mubashira. She diagnosed each and every problem of mine correctly and now by God's grace I am far more better in shape and strength. Thanks to Dr. Mubashira for being a great help. Hope every woman suffering silently will come forward and get herself treated and most importantly get treated by a trusted doctor.

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