Tailbone pain without any apparent injury

Abhishek, India - abhishek.cs.iet@gmail.com

Posted 2015-06-28

I developed a pain in tailbone area without any apparent injury. First I thought it will disappear by itself same as it appeared. It is a strange pain. It will start increasing as I sit and will go away if I stand and start walking. When it did not go away in 4 days and I found it difficult to work anymore I went to see a doctor. The orthopedist told me its coccygodynia. Told me to start physiotherapy and not to sit on hard surfaces. Also to use some soft cushion to sit always. Pain decreased but did not go away. He also started Laser therapy. Results same as before.

Later I went to another orthopedist who recognised the same problem and suggested just physiotherapy and sitting on soft cushion. The doctors would say that there is nothing wrong with my body and these minor pain will go away soon.

After these kind of treatment for 20 months I came to know about Dr Rajveer Singh (see Doctors and specialists in India). He looked at dynamic x-ray and concluded it started due to a fracture. He performed manipulations to provide movement to the stiff tailbone and told me many exercises to strengthen the specific muscles around tailbone. He also ordered some tests and found that I was deficient in Vitamin B12 and in Vitamin D. The treatment is very focused and Dr Rajveer's professional and expert guidance helps.

After starting the medication and regular exercises my pain has decreased. I am able to manage daily tasks more efficiently now. The pain is still is not completely gone but I am hopeful that it will go soon.

Update, 2016-05-08

I write this update to inform that I have completely recovered from tail bone pain. Most effective part of my treatment was manipulation and regular exercises with Dr Rajveer.

I am still finding some difficulty in sitting but that is sit-bone pain due to maintaining a particular posture for a long time. Tailbone area is pain free. Currently doing exercises to get rid sit bone pain.

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