Spur kept coming back

Claire - claire.tyrer@icloud.com

Posted 2015-03-15

I had an accident in May 2004 in which I fractured my coccyx. After 2 years of incredible pain my specialist removed my coccyx, this was in 2006. I was still in a lot of pain which was trying to be managed by the pain clinic. I was still seeing my specialist because I was not happy and as I know my own body something was still not right. After more x-rays, MRI scans and CT scans it showed up that a spur had re-grown and was millimetres of piercing my bladder. This spur was removed in 2008.

The pain was not too bad at first, but as time when on the pain got worse and worse. Again after 2 years I had had a spur re-growth which was growing out of my back. You could see the point of the spur poking out if my back. It seemed to be a 2 year cycle of the spurs re- growing. So in 2010 my surgeon removed the spur plus a part of my sacrum to try and stop the re-growth.

It is now 2015 and I am still in incredible pain. I am wait to go for more MRI scans to see if there is more re-growth. I'm on fentanyl patches, paracetamol, pregabalin. I've had lots and lots of different injections which have not helped me. I am at a loss with what to do. It is going to be 11 years in May since I had my accident and I'm at my wits end as the pain is still there. Sitting is limited to about 20/25 minutes, plus I can only sleep on my side. I have also got 4 discs that are giving me problems now as well. Two discs at the bottom of my back (L4 and L5) which are bulging out and (T10 and T11) are pushing in on to my spinal cord. Also to top it all of my surgeon of 10 year is retiring very soon. Is there any help out there?

Also, I have been reading other people's problems and I can answer some of their questions. The second operation had left my left leg very weak I have also lost the feeling in the outside of my left foot. I have to use a stick or crutch to help me walk.

I have a lot of trouble going to the toilet I can go up to 9/10 day with going for a number 2. I have to take laxative every day to help me go.

After my last operations I was left with a big hematoma it took a good number of weeks for it to go.

I am only going to be 40 this year and I really don't know what I have to come. The pain is 24 hour none stop. I can't remember what it is like to be pain free. I no longer work as I had my own business which I had to fold, and I would be very unreliable working for someone else. I wouldn't want to employ me.

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