Question about cushions

Susan, USA -

Posted 2015-

I have had tailbone pain for 5 years. Injections were very helpful at first, but the last two that I have had have been unsuccessful. I'm probably not a good candidate for surgery, as an x-ray and MRI showed no signs of injury, fracture, or other unusual features. I'm currently concentrating on physical therapy and posture work to cope with the pain (which is fortunately not severe at this point).

I have a question for anyone who might have used this product: What is your opinion of the long-term use of Inspiri cushions (cushion 4 on the Coccyx cushions page)? How well do they hold up over a year or more, and how helpful are they? I've seen a couple of references to these in other accounts on I'm considering one not only for my tailbone, but also because I have lichen sclerosus, so any sitting is uncomfortable for me. Before I buy an Inspiri cushion, I'd like to know how long they last!

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