Looking for advice about caudal injections

Miranda - mrvbarile@gmail.com

Posted 2015-06-14

Hello all, my name is Miranda and I'm suffering from coccydynia ever since an injury from a spin class at the gym about 6 months ago. Also when I was in high school I fell and broke my tailbone and never received treatment for it. But now that I am going through it again, I've started the long journey of getting some kind of relief.

I am going to get a caudal injection fairly soon, so I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on what it's like, that would be great. Was it particularly painful or is it just dependent upon each individual? I opted out of getting sedation, so I hope that wasn't a bad idea. I'm a student and have classes 4 days a week, so I'm wondering if I would have to miss class or not afterwards. Is there anything I should do to prepare for it? Thank you for any advice anyone may give me, it is greatly appreciated. My email is mrvbarile@gmail.com thank you again and I hope my fellow suffers find relief as well.

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