Gradual improvement over 1.5 years with Dr Durtnall and exercises

Xavier from Colliers Wood, UK

Posted 2015-05-17

I am 45 years old and I have been suffering of low back pains for more than 6 years. I was not able to seat for more than 15 min without having a very strong pain (under the belt area) equivalent to a knife entering in my body. I am not sure this is relevant but I am also suffering of Psoriasis for 15 years (under control with Acitrecin drug).

I have been working for 20 years in IT and spending long hours behind a computer, in meetings or on phone conferences. Based on the advice of my GP (back in France), I have seen 2 different osteopaths which never managed to do anything else than increasing my pain during horrible manipulation sessions (I was close to falling down).

Then my GP sent me to a "less conventional" osteopath who told me I had a coccyx and few vertebras in wrong position. In a very uncomfortable and weird position, he managed to fix it and release my pain for few weeks. Unfortunately, this was coming back. I did few sessions with him but it was always coming back.

At this point, I discover your web site and I found many interesting articles.

I decided then to visit another doctor in Paris who diagnose (after Xray in various positions) that 2 vertebras were not in line. I have a very nice picture showing me 50% shift between these 2 vertebras. He then proposed me a cortisone injection (between these 2 vertebras), which totally released my pain for 6 months. I did a second injection but this one was lasting for less than 6 months. Based on this fact, I decided to not pursue on that route as it was looking like a "dead end road" in my opinion.

Then I relocate to London and I had a second look to your web site. I discover Dr Michael Durtnall (in London) having a lot of reviews (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I had to admit that I was more than skeptical as I already had few "style" of doctors working on my back issue. He did look at the Xrays (made in Paris) but proposed me to do his own because he was missing the complete spine overview. I was first very surprise that he was also radiologist I had then a very interesting debriefing session explaining me also the reason why I had regular neck pains (not as strong as the low back) and explained me that I had also a short leg (2 cm). Nice to discover all this stuff at 40 years old ! He found all without I mentioned it because this was "peanuts" for me compare to my very strong low back pain.

He explained me that a pain may come from one area (around the belt for me) but the root cause may come from another area. In my case, this was these stiff vertebrae (from Coccyx to L5 I think).

I did few appointments with him where I learned how to maintain better my back, what to do (or not) and learned 2 exercises to do as much as I can. During each session, he was manipulating me, looking at the flexibility of my stiff area. There was a very low improvement (5% to 20% maximum), and then there was no more progress for few weeks. After 2 sessions (without progress), Michael proposed me to stop, pushed me to continue the exercises and told me frankly that he would expect better results. Last point, he mentioned that I was going slowly to the direction of a surgery.

I came back home (devastated) and I continue to motivate myself, increase the intensity of the recommended exercises and you believe me or not but my situation improved after few months (but very slowly). In fact, I did not realize it until the time I can stand-up without pain after my 35 min daily tube journey. Then I was later able to seat for 1.5 hour in a plane (which was a revolution for me).

We are now 1,5 year after my last visit to Dr Durtnall and I feel an improvement of 60%. My life has totally changed; I can drive a car for few hours and have a complete day at the office without a pain.

I re-visit Michael 2 days ago and he spots a small vertebra issue that he brought back to the right position. This was releasing a very small pain (compared to the original one).

So I really would like to thanks Michael for his treatment (fyi, 50% of the session was refunded by my complementary health insurance) and very good advice. Michael is passionate about his job and everything related to health. Thanks to his advices on taken vitamin D (I have taken 1000 UI per day during winter), my psoriasis situation improved dramatically and I divided by 3 the Acitrecine drug. I am considering increasing in order to stop completely the drug but I am looking for a GP or dermatologist to do this under medical control.

Thank you to Jon (for the web site) and Michael Durtnall because both of you have changed my daily life !!!

Update, 2018-05-13

My low back pain never came back and I am regularly thinking about Michael. So I promised myself that I will visit him for a checkup routine next time I will be in London.

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