Would like to talk about surgery

Stephanie, USA

Posted 2015-06-07

From Jon Miles -

I had an email from an American charitable organisation, asking me to phone Stephanie, who hasn't got a computer. I have had a couple of phone conversations with her. She has coccyx pain following an accident, and after going through manual therapy, injections, etc, without success, has been advised to have a coccygectomy. She is, naturally, worried about it. Since I have been through that operation myself, I was able to tell her about my experience, and about others who have posted on this site.

At the end of the last call, she asked if I could find other people who have had the operation who could also phone her to talk about it.

If you would be willing to talk to her, please email me and I will give you her number.

Email me at jon@coccyx.org

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