Coccyx injury

Ray, USA -

Posted 2015-08-02

I am a 21 year old student from the US. I wanted to share my current experience with coccyx pain.

A few months ago (April 2015) I fell backwards while at a park and injured my tailbone severely. At the time I could not tell, but had swelling and difficulty walking the next day. I visited a GP about 3 weeks later when the pain hadn't reduced, and was given some pain medication and told to get a gel cushion to sit on. The pain remained for 2 months after that, so I revisited another GP and was recommended a consultation with a chiropractor. My quality of life has gone down pretty significantly because of this injury, as I wake up with significant pain everyday, and it has limited my ability to work.

I have read several testimonies and it seems that this is a difficult condition to treat. I will begin school again and will have to be spending long periods sitting in class, and am very worried I may have to take a semester off to fully recover. I am fairly certain that the bone is fractured, and was wondering what sort of treatments worked best for others. Thank you for your time, and get better soon.

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