Injections under anaesthetic

Jo, UK

Posted 2015-07-19

My coccydynia started when my daughter was born 45 years ago. My GP told me that the coccyx was "moving". For five months I had a great deal of pain and had to sit on a cushion with a hole in it. Then I was admitted to hospital to have a gland in my neck removed. After the operation I was banned from getting out of bed for three days because the stitches would break very easily if I moved my head. When I got up I realised the pain in my backside had gone!

I had no more problem until the pain returned after a period of constipation two years ago. The first months passed while my doctors tried to find the reason - I had had a melanoma and so had scams to ensure that was not the problem. I could not get them to focus on the coccyx, and I was given pain killers of various kinds, which really did not work. I was unable to drive after an incident when the pain was intense after having to brake suddenly.

I really made no progress until I found, after which I paid to see Mr. Floyd privately at Saxon Clinic, Milton Keynes (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Buckinghamshire). He tried what he described as a shallow cortisone and anaesthetic injection, but that had no effect. He said that I would need injections under anaesthetic, but he could not do them because he was retiring. He arranged for me to see his replacement, Mr. Andrew James, and he recommended that I should see Dr. Yaser Mehrez, also at Milton Keynes (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Buckinghamshire). Dr Mehrez is a consultant anaesthetist. He has a particular interest in Coccydynia.

His treatment worked very well and I was without pain, able to drive and felt fine for eight months. Then after sitting on a particularly hard chair for too long I irritated it again and now get days of discomfort, if I sit for too long, which makes journeys in the car difficult.

Update, 2018-03-25

I must admit that since the problems I had have largely gone away I no longer think much about it. I hope the following notes helps someone else to have hope that Coccydynia can go away - or at least it can be lived with.

It took a few months for the treatment I had from Dr. Yaser Mehrez to settle down and at first I thought I would need to find more help after I moved to Scotland. For some months I needed to carry an inflatable cushion with me almost all the time. It was particularly helpful in the car and on plane journeys. Gradually I realised that some days I had forgotten it and that my coccyx was slowly becoming less painful. As I explained in my previous letter it was all too easy to irritate it but the improvement has been sustained and generally I no longer use the cushion in the car. Having said that I would certainly make sure that there is one in the car and I would still use one for long journeys or trips by aeroplane.

I attend a weekly Pilates class and do find exercises in a sitting position need extra care, but I cope with that without too much residual pain. I slipped and fell in the shower and landed on my left buttock and was sore for a few days but that also seems to have settled. As long as I am careful I generally don't think about it any more.

All in all, the treatment I had from Dr. Mehrez transformed my day to day life and I am very grateful to him.

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