One injection cured the pain

Anonymous, USA -

Posted 2015-08-30

Ten years ago I received a stage four compression ulcer on my coccyx in a VA hospital because they did not turn me during my 4 week stay in ICU. I've been in incredible pain and unable to stand or sit for more than a few minutes before the pain kicks in. I could not walk more than a few feet and had to use an electric cart to get around. Basically, I was bedridden.

Then I found Dr. Jerry Holubec in Allen, Texas The procedure he performed was nothing short of a miracle. The VA would not touch the coccyx and private doctors only wanted to increase my morphine. After one injection by Dr. Holubec, my coccyx pain went from 8-10 to 0. I have experienced incredible relief and I have my life back.

Update, 2018-03-18

After almost 3 years and one single procedure the pain is still 0.

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