Cycling and driving in comfort

Pauline, The Netherlands

Posted 2015-11-01

I have two tips for people like us with pain. I can ride my bicycle again since I have a Moonsaddle (see Cycling for people with coccyx pain) from the US. It is not cheap, but so important to ride a bike again.


And if I am driving with a car I sit on my special pillow (cut by myself from a soft garden kneeler) on a hard tray so my special pillow with the open space for my bone doesn't sink in the soft seat of the car. Going to a movie I do the same, I take my tray and pillow.


Maybe you can inform the other readers I am now suffering with pain in the middle of the night that's why I found your site.

Greetings from the Netherlands hands up for a pain free life !!!

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