Embarrassing Problem

Anonymous, UK

Posted 2015-01-18

I have just discovered this website having been diagnosed with Coccydynia today by a surgeon.

Over the last 2 years I have had 3 stomach operations, a colostomy and colostomy reversal. I have had a good recovery apart from 2 months after the last operation I started to have this shooting pain when I needed to open my bowels. As that can happen as many as 8 times in a day it has been debilitating to say the least. When I have the pain I cannot sit, lie down and can just about stand. The surgeon has told me to take Nurofen 3 times a day and will send me on to someone who can give me injections.

Has anyone got a similar story to this after surgery?

Note from Jon Miles: This patient asked to have personal details withheld. I emailed her to point out that she could not get personal replies to her question unless she gave an email address, but I have not had a reply from her.

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