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Anonymous, UK

Posted 2015-03-08

My experience of this condition arose from abruptly lifting some heavy luggage at arm's length due to obstructions preventing me obtaining a better lifting position. I knew that I had probably injured myself a bit by the strange pain at the base of my spine as I lifted it. This became a bruised feeling and I found after several months that all sitting down became very uncomfortable. I saw a doctor, consultant, and some physiotherapists and chiropractors but the condition did not seem to be recognised. The consensus was that the pain was referred to the coccyx from the lower back and it would get better eventually.

With very little improvement after 11 months, my discovery of the web site provided a list of specialists who claimed to treat coccyx problems, and this was the first step in enabling a solution for me.

In London I saw Michael Durtnall, who was widely praised on the web site as having successfully treated the condition (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). Compared to other chiropractors I had seen he was much more interested in analysing the exact source of the problem, examining the MRI results I provided and taking additional X-ray images using equipment in the clinic. This showed some minor calcification of the sacrococcygeal joint, although it was not conclusive in itself.

The main proof that the coccyx was the problem was after the first manual treatment (external manipulation), which reduced the pain by about 40%. He deduced that as I had lifted the luggage, the coccyx stayed where it was, and the upper part of the spine moved, damaging the joint. However, the benefits of this treatment initially only lasted about 3 days. By the time I saw Michael Durtnall a week later, the pain was only 10% better than before. He repeated the process and again the pain dropped to 60% for about 3 days, before returning to a similar level. This continued for a further 2 treatments. However after 4 treatments, I was very encouraged to find that the pain at the end of the week was lower than the improved state after treatment at the beginning of the week. It seemed that a tipping point had been achieved where the body was able to start recovering. Further treatments continued to reduce the pain further. I combined this with his recommended exercises to mobilise the joint and 60-70% standing to work. After 2 months, I was 70% better, and after 7 months about 90% better. Further progress seems slower (~1% per month) but with further treatments every 6-8 weeks I am hopeful of completing my recovery. A chart of my experience is shown below.

I would highly commend Michael Durtnall for having returned me to health and having enabled me to live a comfortable life again.

treatment graph

Update, 2018-06-17

3 years on and I am still doing pretty well. I don't take any medication and I have not seen Michael for about 3 years, or any other specialist. I would not say I reached 100% recovery, but the effect of the damaged joint is now very small.

My forecast of 1% improvement per month to return to how I was before the injury proved optimistic. I would estimate the last 10% of the recovery has been more like 1-2% per year. I also avoid 'provoking the problem' like sitting for hours in a reclined position. I do Pilates and Michael's exercises for a few minutes every day.

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